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Science-Fiction Adventure in the Far Future
Replacement Body Parts

Prosthetics are mechanical body parts that are mass-produced, functional replacements. They are surgically installed by a medical professional, and are the most economical type of replacement body parts, available at TL 9+.

Bionics are mechanical body parts that are individually custom-designed replacements, with greater functionality than the original body part. Bionics are the most expensive type of replacement body part, available at TL 9+. Note that bionics also refers to a science concerned with applying data about the functioning of biological systems to solve engineering problems. The term cyborg is sometimes applied to a person with bionics.

Regrowth is a method of replacing body parts involving stimulating the body to regrow its missing part. At TL 9, missing limbs can be regrown, and at higher tech levels damaged non-vital organs can be regrown in place. Regrowth is more expensive (and time-consuming) than prosthetics, but is generally cheaper than cloning and bionics.

Cloning involves taking one or more cells from the donor and growing a replacement body part (not an entire clone) in an artificial womb. By TL 13, new body parts of any kind can be selectively cloned from the DNA of any body cell. Once grown, the new part is surgically attached to the donor. Cloning costs about the same as regrowth during the growing period, but surgical re-attachment of the new part is more expensive than any of the other options.

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