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Science-Fiction Adventure in the Far Future
Right Of Assassination

The "right of assassination" refers to the killing of one emperor/empress by their successor.

The Emperor's List shows that the first Third Imperium emperor to be shot by his successor was Cleon II , also known as Cleon The Mad.

Selected by lot in a secret meeting of the High Moot, Porifia shot Cleon II in his council chambers in 245. Porifia was subsequently proclaimed Empress by Moot confirmation.

During the Civil War period, several ursurpers attempted to claim the throne by the right of assassination - few succeeded.

Although the right of assassination has fallen into disuse, it is generally agreed that for the method to be a valid route to the Iridium Throne, certain precedents must be followed.

*First, the assassin must be a high noble. *Second, the assassin must kill the emperor or empress by their own hand in the presence of witnesses. *Third, the Moot must approve the new emperor, just as with any successor.

Thus, the reason for the assassination must be well-founded, or Moot confirmation will likely be denied. Moot confirmation can make all the difference - depending on what the Moot says, the assassin could be hailed as a courageous hero or prosecuted as a seditious murderer.

Ref: MT-ENCYC, 1120