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Science-Fiction Adventure in the Far Future
Rydel Expeditions

Rydel Expeditions

In 153 and again in 160, expeditions led by Admiral Inesh Rydel tried to locate a usable jump route across the Great Rift from Corridor (rimward) to Deneb. The first expedition originated from Sinta ( Sinta / Corridor 2037) and eventually arrived by various routes at Ashishinipar ( Ashishinipar / Corridor 0931). It spent nearly a year trying to find a way to go further, but to no avail.

A second attempt, by a different route, ended on Ishirdu ( Two Worlds / Corridor 0338). While closer, it was not close enough to Yoma ( Vast Heavens / Deneb 3031), the closest possible world in this area of the rift.

More successful rift-crossing expeditions have been undertaken in recent years, most notably those of Kirshamii Riilam.

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