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Science-Fiction Adventure in the Far Future
Shivva-class Patrol Frigate

Ubiquitous Zhodani Navy design most frequently encountered of the types deployed on and beyond the Consular frontier districts. The class is deployed on various independent picket, communications, and patrol duties, often well beyond Zhodani borders.

The crew is known to include a Psionic Adept, who in addition to normal navigation duties is believed to augment the range and strength of a special communications system, which may explain the posting - Adepts are usually only assigned to capital classes of vessel.

Names of the class generally end in -va ("light", thus Shivva = moonlight); some examples include: Alekrva, Brnava, Doruva, Jadsva, Jirtodva, Loyhva, Mielrva, Shivva, Uturva.

Authority: ADV-4, 1107