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Science-Fiction Adventure in the Far Future
Subsector - Solomani Rim

A Sub Sector in the Solomani Rim Sector of the Third Imperium.

When the Terrans first developed the jump drive and began exploring other systems, the immediate discovery of a habitable planet around Alpha Centauri seemed as momentous as the discovery of fire.

Soon after, another expedition discovered the First Imperium's base at Agidda, brining the realization that most of the universe was already owned by somone else.

Conflict between Terran expansionism and the Imperial desire for stasis soon sparked the First Interstellar War.

cf. Agidda, Barnard, Dismal, Ember, Fenris, Hades, Ishimshulgi, Junction, Kaguk, Lagash, Loki, Midway, Mukhaldim, Ninkhur Sagga, Nusku, Peraspera, Prometheus, Terra

Refs: SUPP-10

Word - Sagamaal

(Sagamaal Word) n.


Refs: GT:Sword Worlds