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Science-Fiction Adventure in the Far Future
Solomani Rim

A - Ultima
B - Suleiman
C - Concord
D - Harlequin
E - Alderamin
F - Esperance
G - Vega
H - Banasdan
I - Albadawi
J - Dingir
K - Sol
L - Arcturus
M - Jardin
N - Capella
O - Gemini
P - Kukulcan
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Sector at the edge of the Imperium, the Rim contains the homeworld of all Humaniti, Terra (1827 Solomani Rim).

Humans originating here were called Terrans, but became known as Solomani.

The Rim is a highly civilised area with a long history, and a population of over 1.3 trillion.

Three major governments control portions of the Rim: the Imperium; the Vegan Autonomous District within it; and the Solomani Confederation.

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