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Science-Fiction Adventure in the Far Future
Minor Race/Humaniti

The Suerrat are a minor human race transplanted to Ilelish (Ilelish 2907) by the Ancients. The Suerrat claim to be a Major Race as they independently developed interstellar travel. However this was based on Generation Ships, not jump technology so the claim is not generally accepted by other races.

The ancestral Suerrat lived in their homeworld's lush equatorial forests, and were well adapted to that environment. Early Suerrat literally lived in trees, having tamed, and then moved in with, a local predator that made burrows in the largest trunks.

The Suerrat exhibit several genetic traits that are dormant in Solomani or Vilani, producing what many Solomani think of as "ape-like" features. They are small but heavy for their size, very broad across the chest, and quite muscular. Their feet are slightly prehensile and Suerrat shoes are soft and mitten-like. On the right surfaces they are likely to go barefoot. They are comfortable with a much lower light level than a Solomani would be. Their retinas are more sensitive, their eyes are larger, and their pupils larger still.

The Suerrat grow a coat of fur over most of their bodies, missing only on their palms, soles, and from the neck up. This fur is usually red and quite long. Curiously, they cannot grow facial hair. Suerrat don't have more hair than Solomani, it's just that Solomani "fur" is much finer and shorter than Suerrat fur.

The Suerrat paralleled the Vilani in technological development, with one major exception. Both races reached space within a few hundred years of each other (the Suerrat, in fact, doing this before the Vilani); but only the Vilani went on to develop the Jump Drive. The Suerrat used sublight gravitic drives instead.

By the time they first encountered the Vilani, they had founded a state of about two dozen worlds, knit together by vast Generation Ships. The two civilizations traded, and soon the Suerrat had a considerable empire comparable to that of their brethren.

Like the Geonee, Dishaan, and others, the Suerrat were conquered by the Vilani during the Consolidation Wars and incorporated into the Ziru Sirka.

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