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Science-Fiction Adventure in the Far Future

Terra (1827 Sol/Solomani Rim) A-867A69-F A Hi Ml G.
Primary: G2 V; 4GG 1As (Imperial) Naval Base; Scout Waystation

Sub Sector and Sector capitol.

Terra is also known as Earth.

Homeworld of the Solomani, and origin of all Humaniti and Vargr transplanted by the Ancients.

Currently under Imperial Military ruke since the Solomani Wars, Terra (also known as Earth) boasts a wide variety of climates and diverse cultural traditions.

It is also one of only a few planets to have constructed a 'Beanstalk' - a Geosynchronous Orbital Lift. Since the invention/discovery of thruster plate technology for orbital shuttles makes this means of orbital transport uneconomical.

Local taxes on the landing of ships and shuttles at downports are imposed to encourage the use of the orbital port facilities and the Beanstalk.

Terra is the homeworld of the genetic stock from which all races of Humaniti are descended.

Terra is the former capital of the United Worlds, former capital of the Terran Confederation, former capital of the Old Earth Union , former capital of the Solomani Autonomous Region (Solomani Sphere), and former capital of the Solomani Confederation.

The word Terran, used in the past to refer to an inhabitant of this world or to a citizen of the Terran Confederation, is derived from the name of this world. Individuals tracing lineage back to Terra or who are citizens of the Solomani Sphere are now called Solomani.

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