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Science-Fiction Adventure in the Far Future
The New Era:1248
Traveller Era

The official continuation of Traveller:The New Era c.1248 (Imperial Calendar), based - primarily - on the Traveller:20 ruleset.

The New Era 1248
*+ Sourcebook 1: Out Of The Darkness
*+ Sourcebook 2: Bearers of the Flame
=+ Sourcebook 3: The Spinward States
=+ Sourcebook 4: The Freedom League

TNE Adventures
x Early Fallen
x Operation Dominoes 1: Moonshadow

Gateway Domain
x Cluster Book 1: The Megusard Corporate
x Cluster Book 2: Starfall

    Spinward Marches
+ Cluster Book 1: The Bowman Arm
x Adventure 1: Call of the Wild!
x Adventure 2: Range War
x System Guide 1: Datrillian
x System Guide 2: Flexos

Special Supplements
x Grand Fleet
+ SS1: Robots of Charted Space
x SS2: Robot Adventures
x SS3: Patron Encounters
x SS4: One Crowded Hour

    Golden Age Starships
x GAS 1: Fast Courier
x GAS 2: Sword Worlds Patrol Cruiser
x GAS 3: Archaic Small Craft, Shuttles and Gigs
x GAS 4: Boats and Pinnaces
x GAS 5: Cutters and Shuttles
x GAS 6: Corsair
x GAS 7: Modular Starship
x GAS 8: Armed Free Trader

x Tales of the New Era 1: Yesterday's Hero (Novel)

* Printed Book in Library
= Home Printed & Bound Book (from PDF) in Library
+ PDF in Library
x Not in Library