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Science-Fiction Adventure in the Far Future
Travellers' Aid Society

The Travellers' Aid Society (TAS) is a private organisation which maintains hostels and facilities at all class A and B starports in many parts of human space. Facilities are available (at reasonable cost) to members and their guests.

TAS membership may be acquired upon mustering out of a service. It is given as a reward for heroism or extraordinary service to the Society, rather than an "official" benefit of the service involved.

Membership may also (less frequently) be purchased, at a cost of M Cr 1. This is not as prestigious a way of receiving TAS, and people who attempt to buy this "free" gift are often black-balled and refused entry.

Membership is for the life of the character and is not transferable. The Traveller's Aid Society invests its membership fees and other income; it uses its capital to provide benefits to members.

Every two months it pays dividends in the form of one High Passage ticket to each member. This ticket may be used, retained, or sold.