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Science-Fiction Adventure in the Far Future
Tukera Lines, LIC

Imperial Mega Corporation

Tukera Lines actually predates the formation of the Imperium. The original corporation held a charter from the Sylean Federation; with the establishment of the Imperium in the Holiday Year zero, all such charters were automatically recognised by the Imperium.

Tukera Lines concentrates on the main communication links within the Imperium, and operates a vast fleet of jump-3 and jump-4 liners and transports which follow the established X Boat routes.

In some Sub Sectors (especially the older, more established regions of the Imperium) Tukera has a virtual monopoly on long distance shipping and travel.

Current Owner: Count Blaine Trulla Tukera and his two brothers.

Stock Ownership: Tukera family, 6%; Imperial Family, 32%; large corporations, 6%; investment trusts, 25%; public (individuals) 25%.

Ref: ADV-3, 1106