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Science-Fiction Adventure in the Far Future



Winged hunters most comfortable in low gravity, the Evantha (who Imperials call Vanthians) are native to the planet Temeraire. They have been Imperial citizens for millennia, but have managed to retain a distinct culture. Recently unified under a charismatic dictator, they are moving toward closer integration with the Imperium, but not every Vanthian is willing to follow the path their leader has charted.

An adult Vanthian is about 1.5m tall, but weighs only 30Kg to 34Kg, males being slightly more heavily built. The humanoid head slants backward, ending in a curving sail-like crest. The long neck leads to the humanoid torso that terminates in a fan tail. The tail acts as a rudder when the Vanthian is airbome and supports the body when standing. Where the arms would be on a Human, a Vanthian has great wings - folded down to serve as clumsy legs while the Vanthian is standing upright, spread out during flight. The wings are feathered and end in bony vestigial claws that act like feet. Where a Human's legs would be the Vanthian has arms, ending in hands with three fingers, tipped with sharp claws, and two opposing "thumbs" on opposite sides of the hand.

Soon after attaining space flight (in -4238), the Evantha were contacted by the then-expansionist Vilani, who had detected the race's electromagnetic broadcasts. The Evan- tha were incorporated into the Ziru Sirka, the First Imperi- um, as a client race. Over the next millennium they were assimilated by the Ziru Sirka. The Evantha themselves eventually spread to colonize some 17 star systems within the First Imperium.

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