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Science-Fiction Adventure in the Far Future
Volkstrangler, Heinrich

Homicidal maniac who personally engineered the Invasion of Utoland (1103).

Born into a military family on the high-population world of Trin (3235 Spinward Marches), Volkstrangler pursued an illustrious career through the Imperial Marines. He rose to the rank of Force Commander, receiving many decorations, the pinnacle of which was the Starburst For Extreme Heroism, won while serving aboard the battleship ISS Golden Redemption.

Volkstrangler was also elevated from Baron to Marquis for his Marine service. This record contrasts greatly with his later actions. In 1103 he organised a small, high-tech invasion force which overran Utoland (1209 Spinward Marches) within two weeks. In the process, he infiltrated and captured the Adamdun, a Kinunir-class battle cruiser, and used it to support the invasion.

Volkstrangler was presumed killed when the Imperial counter-strike freed Utoland. However, recent reports suggest that the Adamdun currently resides in the Sword Worlds, so it is possible that Volkstrangler is still alive.

Ref: 1103