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Science-Fiction Adventure in the Far Future



2214 Daibei C435687-B

At about the time of the Sylean Federation, geneticists on Wagnild were sufficiently confident of their abilities to attempt major genetic experiments on humans.

By altering sperm and egg cells, they brought about the births of babies with supposedly enhanced senses, stronger immune systems, higher I Qs, more efficient metabolisms, stronger bones, and so on.

Most of these "super" children were born to carefully selected donor parents. Unfortunately, many were raised to be quite aware of their "improvements."

By the time a number of the "artificial" children reached young adulthood, resentment and alarm among the "natural" population had increased. The "artificials" posed an ominous threat. The appointment of several "artificials" to high office (in defiance of age limits, in some cases) was the final insult. A number of the "naturals" boarded ships for new worlds.

Ironically, few of the improvements can be traced today. Some of the improvements had side effects the geneticists had not expected. A high percentage of those born with super senses eventually suffered mental breakdowns in their early adult life, apparently from sensory overload.

The high I Qs lasted a few generations before returning to a more normal distribution. The improved immune systems caused women to miscarry nearly 80% of their embryos, so that many of the new traits could not be passed on at all.

The social upheavals did point out the folly of separatism. The enhanced "artificials" made efforts to fit back into ordinary society, so that now many Wagnilder "naturals" carry a few of those improved genes. The most common surviving trait is metabolic efficiency. An average Wagnilder lives on about 25 percent less food than most humans.

-dai TD 15

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