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Science-Fiction Adventure in the Far Future


2936 Riftspan Reaches A773AL7-E

Wahtoikoeakh is the most heavily populated world in the Riftspan Reaches, home to over 91 billion Aslan. A landhold of the Fteweyeakh clan, the world is a major industrial center. The Fteweyeakh are well known for their investments in manufacturing concerns throughout the Hierate.

Wahtoikoeakh lies on the rimward edge of the Great Rift. Ihatei seeking new territory across the Rift initially surveyed the world. They quickly noted its dense core and rich mineral resources, and within a century the planet had been claimed by the Fteweyeakh.

Wahtoikoeakh's mineral wealth seemed inexhaustible, and miner after miner poured in from Hlakhoi Sector, immediately to rimward. Despite the high gravity - 1.4 Gs - many of the miners stayed, becoming settlers. Over time the world's economy diversified, and factories were built.

In modern times, the world is drastically overcrowded, its atmosphere is polluted, and its ecosphere is faltering. Local ecologists are concerned about the planet's environment, but perhaps worse is the abnormally high level of crime.

Honor-conscious Aslan are typically law-abiding, but the closeness of life on Wahtoikoeakh strains the inhabitants' tolerance. Duels sparked by insults - real or imaginary - are a common sight. Even normally unthinkable rukhta - crimes of honor - are committed on a regular basis. As a consequence, Wahtoikoeakh's stance in the eyes of other Aslan has diminished, despite the planet's importance.

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