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Science-Fiction Adventure in the Far Future


0913 Diaspora B326353-F

This planet is currently occupied by troops from Byrna (0915 Diaspora). After a protracted strike by the planet's miners, the Tech and Trade Council of Wapiti requested aid from its neighbor, Byrna. Enticed by the Council's generous offers, Byrna obligingly sent a squadron of TL 9 mercenary cruisers to take control of the situation.

Although the period of tension passed without incident, some of the strikers caused extensive damage to the automated mining apparatus in the main shafts. This crippled the Wapitian economy, causing the government to default on its promises to the Byrnans. In response, the Byrnans have declined to withdraw.

Wapitian mercenary contractors are now travelling throughout the subsector, looking to gather the necessary strength to throw off the Byrnan occupation. These recruiters are quick to point out tneir planet's loss of sovereignty to foreign "invaders", but they invariably neglect to mention that Wapiti defaulted on its debt to Byrna. They also do not mention that Wapiti may have similar problems paying off mercenaries.