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Science-Fiction Adventure in the Far Future
Way Station

Way Station

Link in the express boat network. The way station is a large (for the Scout Service) base devoted to the overhaul and refit of express boats at points in their journeys.

During a normal tour of duty, an express boat will jump from system to system, and occasionally change pilots, but steadily work its way farther and farther down the line.

At each stop (Xboat station), the Xboat is routinely checked, refuelled, reprovisioned, and sometimes recrewed. Ultimately, however, the Xboat must undergo maintenance and possible repair after the rigors of its mission. The way station performs this function.

Way stations have stocks of scout-oriented repair and maintenance equipment, as well as trained staffs of service personnel. They are the equivalent of naval bases, although they are capable of servicing only smaller tonnage ships (10.000 tons and less) due to the size and orientation of their facilities.

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