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Science-Fiction Adventure in the Far Future



3129 Vland C765443-7)

This Ancient site has only a few ruins attributable to the Ancients, but it has a great many ruins of a stone age culture that apparently coexisted with the Ancients, under their protection, and who shared their fate in the final war. It has been hypothesized that the Ancients looked on these primitives as a sort of pet.

The current inhabitants are not the descendants of that race, but of animals that were near intelligence when their superior competition was wiped out. Their numbers are rather small but the Kolzar are inventive and determined. They are roughly humanoid, but have scaly skins and a low body temperature.

Before the restored Vilani Empire could act, Lucan's forces acquired control of Wimorel. Apparently, scientific teams under orders from Lucan are combing the Ancient ruins for technology that could be of use to the ad-interim emperor in his fight against Dulinor.

Recently, rumors have started to surface of amazing new technological finds on Wimorel, but many of these rumors are little more than hearsay.

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