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Science-Fiction Adventure in the Far Future
Worthington, Neville Saint John

Worthington, Neville Saint John

Baron Sir

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<font color="#C0C0C0|&copy;Peter Newman &lt;;</font>

Baron Sir Neville Saint John Worthington haut Sinclair Baron Miigashkushkur (Ley 0504 B000511-C), Member O.I.H., KCGOI (Knight Grand Cross Order of Illelish) Commander Imperial Navy (Gunnery) Retired, MCUF, PH x2 is a 44 year old (in 1002) ethnically Solomani Human who is 170 cm tall and has long red hair. He is very charming and persuasive.

Classes: Academic 1 / Navy 4 / Noble 6 = Level 11 (XP: 55,000)
Race: Humaniti <table border="0" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0| <tr> <td class="spaced|<center> STR </center></td> <td class="spaced|<center> DEX </center></td> <td class="spaced|<center> CON </center></td> <td class="spaced|<center> INT </center></td> <td class="spaced|<center> EDU </center></td> <td class="spaced|<center> WIS </center></td> <td class="spaced|<center> CHA </center></td> <td class="spaced|<center> SOC </center></td> </tr> <tr> <td class="spaced|<center> 10 </center></td> <td class="spaced|<center> 12 </center></td> <td class="spaced|<center> 12 </center></td> <td class="spaced|<center> 16 </center></td> <td class="spaced|<center> 13 </center></td> <td class="spaced|<center> 10 </center></td> <td class="spaced|<center> 16 </center></td> <td class="spaced|<center> 19 </center></td> </tr> <tr> <td class="spaced|<center> +0 </center></td> <td class="spaced|<center> +1 </center></td> <td class="spaced|<center> +1 </center></td> <td class="spaced|<center> +3 </center></td> <td class="spaced|<center> +1 </center></td> <td class="spaced|<center> +0 </center></td> <td class="spaced|<center> +3 </center></td> <td class="spaced|<center> +0 </center></td> </tr> </table>

PSI: 3 (tested but not trained, potential Teleporter)
Note: Age (middle age) effects have already been taken into account.

Stamina: 54 Lifeblood: 12 Initiative: +5
SAVES: FORT +4, REF +5, WILL 10 Move 9m
BAB +5 <table border="0" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0| <tr> <td class="spaced|WEAPON</td> <td class="spaced|ATT</td> <td class="spaced|DMG</td> <td class="spaced|CRIT</td> <td class="spaced|RANGE</td> <td class="spaced|<center> TYP</center></td> <td class="spaced|SIZ</td> <td class="spaced|USE/CARRY?</td> </tr> <tr> <td class="spaced|+2 Keen Sword</td> <td class="spaced|+8</td> <td class="spaced|1d8+2</td> <td class="spaced|20/x2</td> <td class="spaced|no</td> <td class="spaced|<center> p/s</center></td> <td class="spaced|Med</td> <td class="spaced|constantly</td> </tr> <tr> <td class="spaced|Snub Pistol</td> <td class="spaced|+7</td> <td class="spaced|1d10</td> <td class="spaced|20/x2</td> <td class="spaced|18m</td> <td class="spaced|<center> p</center></td> <td class="spaced|Sml</td> <td class="spaced|if legal</td> </tr> <tr> <td class="spaced|Gauss Rifle</td> <td class="spaced|+3</td> <td class="spaced|2d12</td> <td class="spaced|20/x2</td> <td class="spaced|96m</td> <td class="spaced|<center> p</center></td> <td class="spaced|Med</td> <td class="spaced|when hunting or combat</td> </tr> </table>

+2 Keen Sword: (no, its not magical, its simply high tech &amp; really well made)
Snub Pistol: including a +1 from Masterwork Ammo
Gauss Rifle including -4 non proficency penalty

SKILLS: (totals include ranks + attributes + other mods) <table cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0" border="0| <tr valign="top| <td class="spaced" nobr>Appraise + 5
Balance + 1
Bluff 12
Bribery + 5
Climb + 0
Decipher Script + 4
Driving + 1
Entertain/Dancing + 4
Forward Observer + 4
Gambling + 4
Gather Information 19
Gunnery 14 (has feat)
Hide + 1 </td> <td class="spaced" nobr> Intimidate 11
Jump + 0
K/Astrography + 3
K/Imperial History + 3
K/Nobility 10
K/Solomani + 5
Leader 11
Liaison 25 (no, that's not a typo)
Pilot + 4/+1
P/Administration + 9
Ride/Horse + 2
Search + 3 </td> <td class="spaced" nobr> Sense Motive + 6
Spot + 0
Swim + 0
T/Astrogation + 2
T/Commo + 6
T/Computer + 6
T/Electronics + 2
T/Engineering + 2
T/Mechanical + 2
T/Medical + 3
T/Sensors + 6
Use Alien Devices + 1
</td> </tr> </table>


Languages: Galanglic (native), Modern Anglic, Terran Confederation Anglic, Rule of Man Anglic, Gvegh, Hiver, Irktolic, Sylean, Vilani, Old High Vilani, Zhodani, Gvurrdon, Old Sylean, Trokh.

FEATS &amp; CLASS FEATURES: <table cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0" border="0| <tr valign="top| <td class="spaced" nobr> Armor/Vacc Suit
Damage Control
Improved Initiative
</td> <td class="spaced" nobr>
Research (Military)
Ship Tactics
Weapons/Field Artillery
</td> <td class="spaced" nobr> Weapons/Lasers
Weapon/Ships Weaponry
Zero G/Low G Adaptation

</td> </tr> </table>

Leadership: his wife Tasha, a licensed Psionic (Teleporter) is his cohort, his followers are his (mostly Vargr) ships troops &amp; crew.

Neville is the second son of Baroness (Dowager) Miigashkushkur and has ascended to the title following his mothers health related retirement at the most recent Moot Meeting. (His older brother Malcolm renounced his claim to the title after converting to Islam on Terra.) Neville is an (adoptive) member of the Imperial Household itself and is currently 436th in line for the Imperial Throne

Neville was graduated from university with a BA in Languages and Modern Cultures and a Naval ROTC Commission. He served 20 years in the Navy's Gunnery Branch and served in the Solomani Rim War. In accordance with the Imperial Official Secrets Act this biographer can neither confirm nor deny that the ethically Solomani Neville, who is intimately familiar with Solomani culture and speaks unaccented Confederation Anglic, completed any espionage related missions during the war.

Neville was discharged in the Spinward Marches and became a crew member of an armed merchant ship. Later he served as Chairman of the Board of that company after they acquired two more ships and a Mercenaries license. Neville met his future wife, the niece of Baron Wypoc, during his travels and they were married at Regina in a wedding that was <i>the</i> social event of the year for the sector.

Following the attempted coup on Regina Neville, under orders from the Emperors Great Uncle an Imperial Grand Duke who is rumored to serve in the [Not Available at this Clearance Level], acted to apprehend and punish the perpetrators. He and his shipmates personally saved the day when terrorists attacked the Sector Moot meeting. Neville, acting under a Ducal Imperial Warrant (See Edict 97 &amp;101) than left Regina, but not before making an Imperialy famous speech (correctly) implying Zhodani complicity in this attack.

Following the capture of their ship, and accusations of Espionage by a Federation of Arden planetary government, Neville blew up their Highports main fusion generator with a Meson Gun and the party escaped back to Regina. Shortly following these events the Duke of Regina was recalled to Capitol for an (unfriendly) audience with the Emperor, following which the Duke reigned for &quot;health&quot; related reasons.

Neville is a noted author whose first monograph, an analysis of the possibility of the Zhodani attacking the Imperium while their efforts are focused on the Solomani, has sold several hundred million copies. He is working on a book about the Hiver. He has no children yet but he and his wife are planning on having a family.

Important Possessions blank Imperial Stationary, an Artifact Vac Suit that does not require air tanks, Cr. several million, corporate stock certificates worth several tens of millions, lots (Cr. 500,000 or so) of fancy clothes, a card permitting him to carry controlled drugs, several fancy swords, residences on Wypoc, Mora, Capitol/Core, and Miigashkushkur, a jump 4 Baronial Yacht, TAS Membership, a Psi S Hield Helmet, etc.

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