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Science-Fiction Adventure in the Far Future
Wuan Technology Association

Member state of the Solomani Confederation. A loose, commercial grouping, the Wuan worlds owe their colonization to Terran Asian corporate interests. Well supported by Korean and Japanese funds on Terra, the wuans specialized in manufacturing high-tech products for export.

They survived the Long Night by continuing this practice, and while raiders collected tribute, they chose not to loot the Association wholesale.

During the Long Night, the Wuans began a genetic experiment. They studied, modified, and standardized human genotypes. Now, the Wuans can produce specialized humans suited for any task or environment. A visitor to Wuan factories will see long rows of identical Workers performing the same industrial task.

Wuan political power rests with the Executives who administer the Association's various corporations. They maintain a fleet of trading ships that travel to Daibei, Dark Nebula, and Reaver's Deep, and they own many smaller companies throughout Magyar.

Lacking a standing navy, the Wuans recognize the need for the Confederation military, but they do little more than tolerate the Cause and the central government.

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