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Science-Fiction Adventure in the Far Future


Corporation, Aslan

This corporation takes the name of a legendary weaponsmith from early in the Age of Enlightenment. The students of her students banded together to form the company, which has remained a leader in Aslan military technology ever since.

Originally cross-clan, Wyaroaer came to be wholly owned by Eakhtiyho clan in -140 Aslan (-2205 Imperial) as a result of events often repeated in romantic tales. That union eventually spread Wyaroaer into space to become the third ranking megacorporation in the Hierate. Today, Wyaroaer is the Hierate's leading arms producer, from starship spinal mounts to small arms, some of which are made for export to human space.

Wyaroaer leads in the manufacture of electronics, computers, cybernetic components, and robots. In many cases, Wyaroaer set the industrial standards for the Hierate. Most of these products are for commercial consumption rather than as war material.

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