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Science-Fiction Adventure in the Far Future
X Mail


Messages sent by xboat. X Mail carries information only; material objects may not be sent. The message is digitally coded.

X Mail costs Cr10 per 20 kilobits per parsec. The message may be sent using a standard Anglic character set (about Cr10 for a 500 word message) or a picture may be reproduced in facsimile (Cr20 for a 200x 200 bit matrix). The message is printed out at its destination and delivered by a world's local mail system.

Other data may also be transmitted, and will be delivered in appropriate form at the destination, datacrystal, magnetic media, video recording. etc. Though the Express Boat network takes no liability that your recipient has the abaility to interpret such data.

Where a destination world has digital communications, ie e-mail or more advanced network communications, a 1% discount is available when the destination address is confirmed on electronic delivery of the message/data.

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