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Science-Fiction Adventure in the Far Future


A nonhuman minor race native to Xapoqoz / Sashrakusha (3131 Corridor).

The Xapoqi are solitary, fantastically long-lived creatures who subsist on the ultraviolet emissions of their star. Xapoqi have a thick, smooth hide, broken only by sharp spines and many flimsy feelers, giving them an appearance similar to a spiny, two-meter-tall stone column. The spines are general purpose energy receptors, serving both as eyes and "food" intake.

The Xapoqi, nearly immobile, capable of independent reproduction, and possessing no apparent means of communication, are not obvious sentient lifeforms. They exhibit little technological drive; in fact, they show little interest in their surroundings whatsoever.

The Xapoqi are so uncharacteristic of sophonts in general that IISS explorers failed to realize they were intelligent until the 700s, despite the fact that Xapoqoz was initially surveyed during First Imperium times. This discovery coincided with the adoption of standardized NAS scanning procedures by the Scouts.

The primary puzzle that confronted sophontologists then is still a puzzle today: what purpose does Xapoqi intelligence serve? Neural activity scans indicate a high level of abstract thought, but no one knows what it concerns.

Communication with the Xapoqi is too primitive to be useful. Experimental thought transfer devices, now being pioneered by the neurotechnology consortiums of Dagudashaag, may prove valuable in future dealings with the Xapoqi.

-cor TD 18

Ref: HIW Gx, 1120,