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Science-Fiction Adventure in the Far Future
Xboat Station

Xboat Station

Facility for handling xboats at a star system. At each system served by the xboat network, an express boat station is maintained to handle the message traffic and to manage incoming and outgoing xboats. Usually located near the edge of a star system, the station picks up messages beamed to it by incoming xboats and relays the data to the local world for delivery.

Messages destined for worlds farther down the line are transmitted to a waiting xboat which then jumps for the next world in the network. The xboat station contains receiving and retransmission equipment; refuelling and support facilities for the local staff and waiting crew are also provided.

The xboat station maintains a local office on the system's major world for the acceptance of xboat messages, as well as to handle delivery of the messages to addresses on the world.

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