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Science-Fiction Adventure in the Far Future


Aslan Clan

This clan and its allies comprise the most powerful bloc in the Aslan Hierate. The death of the Yerlyaruiwo ambassador by the hand of Dulinor has infuriated them, along with others outside the bloc.

When the Brotherhood of Tokeaias (an assassins guild) formed to cross the Great Rift and make Dulinor pay for his great dishonor to our Aslan people, Yerlyaruiwo offered immediate and generous support.

Yerlyaruiwo philosophy pays much attention to emotional control especially in combat. The Yerlyaruiwo-Tralyeaeawi War demonstrated this talent well. While Tralyeaeawi enjoyed many advantages during that war, Yerlyaruiwo frustrated and enraged that clan to the point of recklessness, which soon cost Tralyeaeawi the war.

Yerlyaruiwo sees itself as the guardian of Tlaukhu honor. Its representatives and diplomats correct their counterparts from other major clans on points of conduct with little hesitation. They are usually the first to challenge more serious infractions.

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