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Science-Fiction Adventure in the Far Future



The zakai are a large, airborne species native to the Gas Giant Jadan in the Dywosik (0614 Corridor]) system. Discovered by the IISS in 1010, the zakai have yet to be extensively studied. From what has been observed to date, they show no sign af any thought processes above basic animal instinct.

Looking rather like a collection of odd-sized balloons embedded in a matrix of tissue, the zakai maintains its bouyancy with clusters of hydrogen-filled flotation bladders. The coloration is yellow-green, with darker green or brown mottling. A stabilazation keel of rope-like tendrils extends from the creature's ventral surface.

Details of the zakai's "diet" are not known. It is presumed that the body tissues may perform some kind of photosynthesis process, but other sources may supplement the creature's nutrient input.

Zakai seem to travel in herds of 10 to 70 members. The observed variation in size between specimens is 75 to 1000 meters. Detailed analyses on sexual anatomical variation and reproduction have yet to be undertaken. The zakai are only part of the larger biosphere present in Jadan's atmosphere. Wilderness refuelling here is restricted by an IISS order. Orbital navigation satellites broadcast the refuelling ban.

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