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Science-Fiction Adventure in the Far Future



0421 Spinward Marches E897977-A

Zamine is one of four balkanized worlds in the Darrian Confederation. Through most of its history, this simply meant that its people disagreed about government.

Disputes were typically settled in summit meetings and world courts rather than open warfare. However, in the last twenty years, Zamine has seen some very unDarrianlike violence. There have been increasing small War, hostage takings, and violent demonstrations.

Currently there is a civil war in Baruk, and several factions in Mabek Ladh are hostile to the Confederation. Starships are advised to approach landing sites in these nations with caution.

Much trade on Zamine is conducted by sea. At thech level 10, very little use is made of gravitics due to their high expense. The main products are agricultural products, ores and petroleum, and weapons and mechanical parts.

On Zamine, a day lasts nearly all year long. That is, the rotation period is 3.6 days and the orbital period is 4 days. The dense atmosphere tends to moderate the effects of these long days and nights, but the temperature is hot enough to please any native Darrian.

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