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Science-Fiction Adventure in the Far Future


Zurrian (2016 Vland C463436-F):

Zurrian produces the famous Surshi Cloth. This fantastically expensive substance is produced by a local insect which has been altered and conditioned to spin its webbing in sheets of delicate, iridescent material.

Attempts to raise these insects elsewhere have failed.

The natives of Zurrian keep hives of these insects as other humans keep Shaccas or Bees, and harvest the cloth periodically.

The local aristocracy claims 10% of the harvest but otherwise leaves the populace to its own devices.

The cleaned cloth is shipped all over the Sector - for those who can afford it. It is strong for its weight and a surshi garment retains its beauty for many years.

Zurrian's meager Starport consists mostly of warehouse districts handling Surshi Cloth trade. Few offworlders visit Zurrian, making the need for quality accommodations low.

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